General conditions

Interhome Services doesn´t apply charges for the selection process or for sharing the details of the selected candidates with the clients. This method is the most effective for the client. We only receive a benefit after being successful.

The tariff applied by Interhome Services for the selection comes in a single monthly charge, which is equal to the monthly salary of the selected worker.


Interhome Services signs a contract with the client that offers a 12 months guarantee period. If during this period the client is not happy with the services of the selected worker o he/she willingly abandons the job, Interhome Services will replace the worker, under the same conditions and at no additional cost.


  • We select our candidates according to the required profile, through personal interviews.
  • We provide the client with verifiable references from previous jobs that the candidate has had in the past.
  • We replace the candidates fast and efficiently.
  • Our law department will inform the client in every aspect related to the legal matters that involves the hiring of the employee (social security, etc.)


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